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IP Counseling

Our team is experienced with all aspects of counseling about intellectual property. We assess the availability of intellectual property rights and determine which type of intellectual property rights should be pursued. We also provide guidance regarding assertion of intellectual property rights. Additionally, we participate in due diligence investigations to assess intellectual property rights related to acquisitions of intellectual property assets.

We develop strategies to protect competitive positions of clients by building patent portfolios to provide legal barriers that block competitors. We also assess patentability in conjunction with the preparation of patent applications in light of prior art and based on current case law. We achieve these competitive positions by conducting landscape analyses, understanding the products of our clients and their competitors, and preparing strategic patent applications. When our client launches a product, our team provides clearance analyses, freedom to operate analyses, opinions regarding noninfringement and invalidity of a patent or a large family of patents, client guides to design around blocking patents, and guidance regarding acquisition of patent and other intellectual property rights.

When guiding clients seeking to assert patent rights, we analyze the positions of competitors and analyze the strength of the asset to be asserted. We are also skilled at strengthening assets prior to assertion via patent reexamination and reissue. Additionally, we are experienced in providing realistic assessments on the interplay of patents and business to help clients obtain the maximum value from their assets.